About Us

Lisa Cavaliere Cemo, LAc
Licensed Acupuncturist and Esthetician

As founder and primary acupuncturist at Acuglo Wellness and Herb Shop, my passion is to bring affordable holistic care to the community and share the miraculous benefits of Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental medicine. I am a licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist. I graduated at the top of my class from the prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. I’ve had the privilege to focus my studies on pain management, women’s health and dermatological conditions at a clinical internship in China at the distinguished Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.  
I am a certified Esthetician and Massage Therapist and my interest for skin care started at an early age. During my teens and early 20’s I was cursed with severe acne. I tried all types of conventional treatments such as Proactive, Retin-a, spot treatments, skin washes, masks, birth control pills, and even the extreme medication Accutane. Nothing seemed to work. I was so desperate and frustrated with the dermatologist that I started developing low self-esteem and was slumping into depression. After being fed up with conventional medicine I started doing my own research and discovered natural remedies. I realized that just treating the external skin isn’t enough. Acne is a sign of an internal disharmony. I started getting weekly acupuncture treatments, taking herbs daily, eliminating certain foods that were aggravating my body, and cleaned up my environment. I was finally able to clear my skin. After this experience, I realized acne must be treated both internally and externally if you really want it to go away. After my amazing healing experience I have dedicated my life to studying Oriental Medicine helping others achieve the same results. I currently specialize in Facial Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, and Dermatological Conditions. Whether you suffer from hormone imbalance, low back pain, or want to regain that youthful glow, call me to schedule an appointment today and experience what Oriental Medicine can do for you.