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Glow From Within


Moxibustion, also known as moxa, is made of the dried herb mugwort. It is used as an indirect warming technique used to stimulate acupuncture points and promote temperature balance in the body. This treatment stimulates the flow of qi and blood in the body and helps to maintain general health by tonifying the body. Moxibustion comes in many different forms such as loose, cone shaped, or solidified as a stick shaped into a cigar-like roll as well as smokeless. This technique is mainly used on people with stagnant and cold conditions as well to increase the vital energy and strengthen the blood. 

Moxibustion Functions:
-Tonifies and Invigorates Qi
-Builds blood and stops bleeding
-Regulates and nourishes the immune system
-Warms the body while increasing vitality
-Maintains health and prevents diseases
-Expels cold and dampness from the channels

Moxibustion Indications:
-Arthritis/Rheumatic Pain
-Chronic weakened conditions
-Cold patterns
-Gynecological disorders
-Vomit and abdominal pain
-Lowered immune system

Acuglo charcoal 1077x432.png.pdf.png

Glow From Within

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