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Choose a focus for your session: facial rejuvenation, facial, or body rejuvenation.  Then we will customize and curate, with the modalities listed to create a transformative experience


Facial cupping uses small glass or silicone suction cups to create a gentle vacuum to lift the skin and other facial tissues. This activates the lymphatic system to drain and eliminate toxins, cellular waste, and excess fluid in the face and neck. This will give a massage to any rigid muscle tissue to help relax and release. Facial cupping provides therapeutic release for symptoms related to sinus infections, inflammation, edema and those suffering with TMJ disorders.

Herbal Poultice therapy is similar to hot stone therapy. Dried organic herbs are wrapped up in a muslin and then steamed. This leaves you with a potent heat tool to be used on the face, jaw, neck and body. This therapy relaxes tight muscles and connective tissue while contouring and reducing puffiness.

LED stands for light emitting diode and is also known as photobiomodulation. The application of certain light energy to the body promotes a natural photobiochemical reaction similar to the process of plant photosynthesis. This will stimulate the skin and will enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, as well as stimulate the production of collagen naturally. This therapy can be used for acne and acne scarring as well as muscle aches and pains.


Holistic Esthetics views the skin and body in a way that considers the whole picture and works to bring back balance to the skin naturally. The skin is a living organism and communicates to us constantly. We use various lenses to decipher this communication to figure out the root cause. By balancing the skin’s microbiome, lipid barrier layer, and skin’s acid mantle we can achieve healthy glowing skin. The face is a true reflection of our life experiences, daily habits, our emotional health, and our environment. The muscles in our face hold the emotional expression and trauma of our lives and past life.  What hidden truths are being exposed on your face?

Using only the finest skin care that is 100% organic plant medicine by Laurel Whole Plant Organic Facial line and Wilder North Botanicals in our experiences and facials your skin will be transformed by highlighting your natural glow.

Laurel is a 100% certified organic skin care line that uses raw cold pressed unrefined oils, whole plant flowers and herbs, and therapeutic essential oils. Instead of isolated parts of the plant or synthetic replicas, Laurel uses whole plants and uses all that the plant has to offer. This creates the highest integrity and purity of each product producing effective formulas.

Each ingredient is impeccably sourced from biodynamic farms within a 100-mile radius of their studio in Sausalito, California.

Wilder North Botanicals is small batch, hand crafted, honestly green and intuitive skin care made from the purest plant-based ingredients. Each active ingredient is chosen for a specific skin-loving benefit, free from synthetic additives and fillers. The final products are thoughtfully formulated to work in harmony with your body and support your wellness. 

Our backbar consists of a professional apothecary collection of ingredients and compounds made by Wilder North Botanicals. This allows us to truly address our client's needs on a deeper level by formulating fresh skin care on the spot in each session.

Facial Reflexology is a methodology that by simply stimulating points on the face we are able to send a signal to the brain, which “reminds” the corresponding organ or system where the symptom originated, which is the optimal way of functioning.


The therapist uses a specifically designed steel instrument and uses gentle movements around the face to stimulate the correct zones and points.

This advanced facial massage is a non-invasive facial massage without operations and injections. The methodology was created by world renowned Yakov Gershkovich and made mainstream by Megan Markle. This technique is fitness for the facial muscles by retoning and resisting the natural gravity of aging. This is a totally relaxing and luxurious experience. Results are cumulative so it is best to sign up for a series to achieve your desired goal.

Intraoral jaw massage is a deeper tissue technique performed inside the mouth carried out with gloves. This creates a deeper relaxation in the muscles around the cheekbones, mouth, and jaw. This improves the mobility of myofascial structures and opens up constriction we hold in our jaw. This is a totally intense but relaxing and luxurious experience.

Manual lymph drainage is gentle, rhythmic, pumping movements following the direction of lymph flow in the skin, which aids in drainage of tissues. It has a profound effect on the autonomic nervous system by calming and sedating the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system and allowing the parasympathetic (rest and digest) to dominate. This releases analgesic effects for pain relief and promotes removal of fluid from the loose connective tissue to reduce redness, puffiness, and congestion to maintain a healthy environment.

This method was developed by Jade Adkins of the House of Tao. It is a form of Tao Te Bodywork that comes from ancient Chinese Medicine and Philosophy. The method consists of gently holding and supporting while observing the body. There is no manipulation. It is an intention of physically supporting the body and gently accepting what is present and allowing the client to be exactly as they are. The space created by this acceptance reduces the resistance that is blocking the natural healing process.


Acupuncture is a manual technique that uses thin, sterile and disposable needles into specific points along meridian lines in the body. The goal is to rewire patterns the body has been stuck in which gives unwanted signs and symptoms. Acupuncture has been used for centuries to provide therapeutic results and allows the body to heal itself. Acupuncture taps into the body's innate healing system to relax the nervous system and allows the body to release endorphins and opiates to calm pain receptors in the brain. The body will have increased blood circulation to the muscles and the organ systems to treat a variety of health conditions. The therapy is virtually painless and all you have to do is relax and breathe as the body does the rest. Most people fall asleep or enjoy an acu-nap state where you are half awake half asleep. Lisa believes it allows time for clarity and processing of your life, feelings and emotions.

Massage is a magical modality that everyone should receive on a regular basis. We use various massage techniques such as circulatory, acupressure, meridian flow, reflexology, manual lymph drainage, shiatsu, tui na, myofascial release and fascia rolling to provide change to the different layers of the tissues.

Cupping is a manual therapy that is much like a deep tissue massage. Cups are placed on the skin using a negative pressure, removing toxins from the body. This can relieve muscular pain and tension, increase muscle recovery speed and improve blood and lymph circulation.

Gua Sha is a natural effective alternative therapy to improve circulation, remove lactic acid and cellular waste from muscular tissue.  This technique uses a massage tool to scrape the skin to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue. This opens up pathways in the body to assist the proper flow of qi and blood.

Moxibustion, also known as moxa, is made up of the dried herb mugwort. It is used as a warming technique used to stimulate acupuncture points and promote temperature balance in the body.

Yin Tui Na is a magical body and facial hold technique that allows the body to receive the deepest nourishing yin energy. This completely allows the body to relax and reset the nervous system. It has the power to release old emotional trauma in the tissue and allow deeper connection to the parts of your body that have been shut off.

Herbal Medicine is a powerful modality and is used ideally in tandem with acupuncture by providing the nourishing support for the energetic reprogramming efforts of the acupuncture. The herbs help the body by enhancing circulation, subduing pathogens and infections and can even slow down aging. Herbal formulas can be administered as teas, capsules, tinctures or powders.

Food therapy is a healing practice that uses food to heal the body. Since you are what you eat, your cellular makeup is generated by what goes into your digestive system. We take into consideration the physical temperature of food, the thermal effects on the body, the taste and flavor of the food and the way the food functions and moves in the body. The use of proper eating during the seasonal environment can strengthen or weaken the way our bodies function. Food therapy is a powerful tool to mitigate any disharmonies in the body.

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