Glow From Within

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back to more than 5,000 years of Chinese medicine practice. Over time the cultivation of this vast treasury of knowledge has enriched the modern culture with its holistic approaches to health and optimal wellbeing. It has been embraced throughout the world due to its proven effectiveness and positive findings from scientific research. It is based on the comprehensive guidelines of the eight branches as a holistic healthcare approach. The eight branches include acupuncture, herbal medicine, gua sha, cupping, & moxibustion, massage, movement therapy (qi gong, tai chi), dietary therapy, breathwork, and environmental influences such as feng shui. The goal in Chinese medicine is to live in harmony with the natural world while maintaining balance of the vital energies of the body.

“While Western medicine divides the human anatomy into categories and regards each diseased or malfunctioning part as separate from the whole. In the Orient, we believe you are built in one piece, that it is impossible to isolate a part without considering what effect it will have on the whole. We do not concentrate on the illness, but on the entire body. We do not label disease, because all diseases come from the same source – an imbalance of energy flow throughout the body.”
                                                                                               Naboru Muramate