Glow From Within

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Bodywork / Massage

Tui Na is the Chinese expression of human instinct to touch. It is used as a major treatment method for soft tissue damage, joint and tendon diseases and internal disorders. Tui Na Massage uses a variety of hand techniques to apply force to the body in order to effect change in the physical and energetic systems of the body. The techniques are primarily grasping, pressing, penetrating and rubbing methods that are used to stimulate acupoints, activate the channels and collaterals of the Qi energy system, and manipulate the soft tissues and articular relationships of the physical body. 


Acupressure is an ancient form of massage used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The technique is similar to the principles of acupuncture based on the life energy force called Qi, which flows through the meridians in the body. Instead of using needles, the treatment consists of applied pressure to the acupuncture points on the meridians with the goal to clear blockages in the body. This technique can be used to relieve pain, reduce tension, improve circulation and induce relaxation. 


Reflexology is a therapy based on the theory that there are certain “reflex points” on the feet, hand, ear, face and stomach that are connected energetically to specific organs and body parts. By applying pressure to certain reflex points, this will send signals through the energy channels in the body. The goal is to remove energy blocks and normalize functions in the related area in the body. 

Circulatory massage is a healing method used to help enhance the proper flow of blood through the entire body. This provides complete relaxation to the various muscles, ligaments and tendons. It will reduce the stress from the body and improve the overall health of the individual.Using a variation of five different strokes, this therapeutic massage involves applying pressure (medium to deep), tension, vibration or motion to the different parts of the body. This massage will increase oxygen in the blood by allowing a deeper parasympathetic nervous response, which induces deeper breaths in the body. The lymphatic system will be ignited and increase the removal of metabolic waste, lactic acid and uric acid from the body. This therapy will improve greater flexibility, mobility, and promote a speedy recovery from illness and injury.