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Glow From Within

Slow Aging Philosophy

Aging to me is a privilege. Let’s embrace our aging instead of being ashamed of it. It is ideal to use natural remedies, techniques, and tools with healthy lifestyle choices that help slow down the effects of aging. 

One of the best ways to support slow aging is supporting the skin topically with whole plant nutrition. Just like nutrition for our bodies, our skin needs the same support. Our goal should be to nourish the outside of our bodies the same way we nourish the inside. Understanding that your skin is the largest organ system. It is alive and always communicating with the inside. We have living skin cells’ constantly communicating internally sending messages about what is happening externally. When the living skin cells are under attack by over-exfoliation with microdermabrasion and chemical peels or using acids and retinols the skin will become inflamed by disrupting the microbiome of the skin, stripping the lipid layer and adjusting the acid mantle. This will lead to the dermis thinning, which in turn increases accelerated aging over time.


Another way to support skin aging is our mindset and thoughts. The mind is a powerful tool. Every thought has energy and will manifest our reality. The way we think about our skin is key. What messages are you sending to your skin? By creating kind and positive energetic messages affirming what you want from your skin, this will be a powerful technique to receiving what you desire. The habit of seeing things as positive or negative is created in our minds. By changing our view and allowing appreciation and contentment we can transform our habitual reactions to what we see in the mirror.  Being beautiful is an inside job. This takes time to cultivate but everyday is an opportunity. Cultivating your inner garden, plant thoughts of love, joy and gratefulness.